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Every patient’s and caregiver’s journey with GVHD is different

Every patient’s experience with stem cell transplant is a little different. But at every step of the journey, there are things that you and your caregiver can do to help ensure you get the best care available, you’re prepared for what to expect, and you’re able to take charge of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) if it happens.

Where are you on your transplant journey?

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  • Pre-transplant

    What happens before stem cell transplant?

  • During the hospital stay

    What happens after the transplant?

  • Transitioning to home

    What to expect after discharge

  • First year after transplant

    What should I be aware of?

  • More than one year after transplant

    What to keep in mind

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Did you know?

Some transplant centers are beginning to experiment with adding a type of support for their patients called palliative care. Its main mission is to improve comfort and quality of life for patients with a serious illness, like GVHD, as well as their families. But it is not end-of-life care as some people mistakenly believe. While your medical care team focuses on treating disease, a palliative care specialist can meet with you to talk about how your illness is affecting you and your family more broadly. Palliative care specialists can work with your transplant team to help with managing symptoms like pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, stress, or sleep trouble. Some offer support and advice for managing challenging situations or emotions. And their services can be helpful and supportive at any stage of the transplant journey, whether you’re a patient or caregiver. Consider asking your care team if palliative care is available at your transplant center.

Connect with others who’ve been there

Find online groups, support meetings, one-on-one mentor services, and other opportunities to talk with people who’ve experienced a stem cell transplant.

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